Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The importance of social commerce for modern business

Ecommerce has transformed the way we do business, and social commerce is set to shift the retail landscape once again. Over the past decades, business and retail have changed dramatically.

Traditionally, business was conducted via the telephone, fax, or face to face. As social media platforms have been developed and risen in popularity, we are now witnessing a shift towards social commerce - business is being carried out through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

 It has been truly interesting to see how business has changed, and this article delves into why social commerce is so popular, and how some big-name brands are using this type of retail to boost sales and brand awareness.

As discussed, social commerce is the practice of combining ecommerce with social networking platforms with the idea that customers can purchase goods and services using Facebook, for example. Facebook was the original pioneer of social commerce. The company has implemented a variety of different techniques in the meantime, such as marketplaces, buy button, and shoppable pages.

A good example of social commerce done right is the new Amazon feature known as Spark, that the eCommerce giant launched in 2017. The purpose of Spark is to increase product discovery and customer convenience by allowing buyers to purchase items directly from pictures on the platform. Spark is currently only available to Prime members, Amazon’s premium service.

Other platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram have all followed suit and customers can enjoy a variety of different methods of purchasing goods and services through social media.

So why is this type of ecommerce proving to be so popular? For customers, social commerce presents an unrivaled level of convenience – a user can log in to her favorite social media platform and purchase a product without ever having to leave the site.

Aside from convenience, social commerce often gives users a greater experience – they can benefit from special offers, discounts, and online exclusive content. For businesses, social commerce presents a whole new area of expansions and provides the potential to reach out to millions of new customers.

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