Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Top 27 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Every Modern Day Marketer

Amidst too much content, is your content getting unseen? Are you taking care of adding visuals, gifs, videos etc. in your content pieces? Interestingly, ‘62% of B2B Marketers Use Infographics.’

‘If a visual execution requires an explanation, it's probably not a great piece of content.’ - Ben Plomion, GumGum

Have you incorporated the visual angle in your Content Marketing plan? If not, it’s not too late! ‘Video Content’ is the next big thing. Make sure that you have it aligned in your Content Marketing strategy as an inevitable source for assured success. Additionally, keep your content short and precise without beating around the bush. Typically, no one reads more than a line or two before deciding whether your content is worth a click or not. So, ensure that the content your produce is engaging and effective.

Besides this, repurpose a lot of existing content. This is one reliably great way to get desired results without allocating any budget. Furthermore, map your buyer personas to the channels they prefer. Test and optimize to find out which channels are most successful.

If the four elements of success viz. content consumption, content sharing, lead generation and direct revenue are duly catered to via your Content Marketing strategy, it implies that you are moving on the right track.

Access these top ContentMarketing tips to get readers’ eyes rolling on your blog/website.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The importance of social commerce for modern business

Ecommerce has transformed the way we do business, and social commerce is set to shift the retail landscape once again. Over the past decades, business and retail have changed dramatically.

Traditionally, business was conducted via the telephone, fax, or face to face. As social media platforms have been developed and risen in popularity, we are now witnessing a shift towards social commerce - business is being carried out through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

 It has been truly interesting to see how business has changed, and this article delves into why social commerce is so popular, and how some big-name brands are using this type of retail to boost sales and brand awareness.

As discussed, social commerce is the practice of combining ecommerce with social networking platforms with the idea that customers can purchase goods and services using Facebook, for example. Facebook was the original pioneer of social commerce. The company has implemented a variety of different techniques in the meantime, such as marketplaces, buy button, and shoppable pages.

A good example of social commerce done right is the new Amazon feature known as Spark, that the eCommerce giant launched in 2017. The purpose of Spark is to increase product discovery and customer convenience by allowing buyers to purchase items directly from pictures on the platform. Spark is currently only available to Prime members, Amazon’s premium service.

Other platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram have all followed suit and customers can enjoy a variety of different methods of purchasing goods and services through social media.

So why is this type of ecommerce proving to be so popular? For customers, social commerce presents an unrivaled level of convenience – a user can log in to her favorite social media platform and purchase a product without ever having to leave the site.

Aside from convenience, social commerce often gives users a greater experience – they can benefit from special offers, discounts, and online exclusive content. For businesses, social commerce presents a whole new area of expansions and provides the potential to reach out to millions of new customers.

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Monday, 5 March 2018

Why Should People Use a Real Estate Buyer Agent?

It is hardly necessary to concern oneself with the nitty gritty of real estate acquisition. Trained professionals with years of experience are available who can provide you with the necessary services you require while saving you the stress of going through the hurdles yourself. It is a common saying in the world of business that one is wiser to hire a paid professional who is skilled in a particular field of expertise and that can provide maximum value and convenience.
Let us now take a look at the various benefits that can be derived from using a real estate buyer agent to help handle your property purchase:

  •  Having a real estate buyer agent can help give you better negotiating power. The professional knows all there is to real estate business. Hiring one will help give you a firm ground while going through negotiations with a potential buyer/seller. You can also convey your point of view directly to your agent who will act as a medium between you and a seller. This will help clear out or avoid any misunderstanding that may arise between the two parties.

  • Full access to the multiplelistings service (MLS): A real estate buyer agent would have a membership in the MLS. The MLS database is available to provide estate listings that are available in the market. Once your agent finds a property that suits your needs and your price range you would be contacted promptly.

  • You can save yourself valuable time and energy: a real estate buyer agent spends a whole lot of time previewing homes and going through listings inventories that are up to date. Coupled with the use of the MLS system, virtual tours, internet websites and other technologies, a professional can help save you the time of reviewing homes that are not up to your standard.

  • The buyer agent helps you handle the volumes of paper work. Purchase agreements usually take eleven pages or more. Local custom disclosures along with federal and state disclosures are also another paper work to be handled. Real estate files are a deal to handle. It is easy to loose thousands in court as a result of small mistakes or omissions. Why not save yourself the stress and leave it to the professionals?

  •  Pricing a real estate property takes precision. It’s just like hitting a bull’s eye. A real estate buyer agent has knowledge and data on comparablehome sales and valuable neighborhood information that would help you to put an appropriate selling price on your property(if you are selling) or help you strike a good deal in purchasing a property.

  • Real estate agents interact with other professionals that often provide services that may be useful to you in buying a property. Agents know the vendors that are reputable for competitive pricing, are efficient, and competent. They can make references they have previously worked with available to you and provide valuable information that can help you to make the right choices.

  • Real estate buyer agents put you and your needs at the forefront. They have a legal and ethical responsibility to do so. They maintain your confidential information, account for any money they handle during making your transactions. They are required to disclose any material facts, which would be pertinent to you, subject to federalfair housing laws.

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