Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Pinterest Shows Personality Still Rules in Interior Design

Pinterest might not be a favourite website in every home, but for some, it’s become much more that. The 2016/17 Best of Pinterest UK Interior Awards were announced in May, and the designs show an eclectic mix of décor that often has more to do with personal preference than following trends.

However, there were also one or two common themes on show, with home-owners and designers adding their personal flair to them.

“Interior design can be tough to get right, particularly if you’re not sure where to start or what you really like,” said Newington Green estate agent, M&M Property. “The Pinterest awards show that when people put some personality into their décor, the results can have the real wow factor!”

Bold and Simple?

Two broader key trends that were rewarded by the image-based social network, were bold wallpaper prints and minimal backdrops. That both are popular at the same time, shows that the UK’s home-owners and interior designers are making a statement with what they love. They’re not blindly following on trend fashion. Instead, they’re sticking with what they know they want in their home.
It’s refreshing to know that the UK’s homes aren’t all displaying creative uniformity. That’s something that as clear across most of the categories in the Pinterest awards.

The ‘Best Wow Factor’ category featured bird print wallpaper, cactus plants indoors and a ladder displayed as a bold piece of wall art. ‘Best use of Colour’, meanwhile, saw a fitted yellow wardrobe capture the top prize, followed by pastel pink walls as runner up. And other entries were equally diverse – deep greens, multicoloured paint faded doors and much more.

“These awards feature a mix of some professional work and DIY design and they highlight a plethora of diverse but equally impressive styles,” said Knightsbridge estate agent, Plaza Estates. “Of course, few people decorate their homes with awards in mind, but it’s a great way to show how many people enjoy getting creative in their homes.”

Improve, don’t Move

The UK’s housing crisis is no secret and affordability levels remain stretched despite a slowdown – and some falls - in house prices. Against this backdrop, an ‘improve, don’t move’ mantra has been adopted by Pinterest and it appears many users of the social media site agree.

Evidence that home-owners have made bold changes to make their homes appeal to themselves more than others, was all over the short-list and is even more clear to see on the site itself. But, it’s not just the decorative aspect of design that people are considering with the ‘improve’ idea in mind.

Storage can be tricky in many homes and there are signs that households are embracing new ideas to create usable storage. More trunks in bedrooms, more hanging rails instead of bulky wardrobes and many glimpses of engineered shelving that folds away when not in use.

“Moving house is often the right thing for many households, but in some cases, it can be too expensive, unachievable or something a family just doesn’t want to do,” said Best Gapp, Belgravia estate agent. “In those instances, households, home-owners and interior designers can make significant decorative changes that have a positive impact. And that’s something that anyone can do, as highlighted by the Pinterest interior design awards.”

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