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How to Get Your Social Media Pumping in 4 Ways

Now that you’re done with your latest, greatest project for your blog or social media, you feel that you’re ready to share it with the world. You’re also ready for all the comments and followers you’re going to get. But before that happens, what are you going to do? Will you just wait for things to fall into place? Will success come? Will anyone be reading your posts at all?

Now maybe the doubts are starting to set in. But doubting is certainly not what you should do while waiting to launch your blog. So what should you be doing? Let’s look at four tips to consider before the great launch. 


Sincerity Can Go A Long Way

Sincerity is the first tip to consider before all the other tips that will follow, a kind of “pre-tip” before the tips. The thing about social media is that it’s not about the “do this” or “don’t dothat” advice. Some people can tweet and post about the same links about current events or business news and get like say, ten times a day and see great results. Some, however, just share about what they eat for breakfast and get a thousand enthusiastic followers. So there’s really no clear-cut line about what should and shouldn’t be done.

The difference between the two are stark, but they are common with two things: sincerity and a little moderation. When people see that you are genuine, and you yourself are having fun with your activities, people tend to appreciate that, too and even forgive the occasional over-indulgence. The most important thing to remember is that you should believe in what you’re doing and the reasons why you’re doing it, whatever they may be. If you like sharing about business hacks, recipes, or just sharing your happiness to everyone through funny cat videos, mean it. That’s it. You just have to mean it. 


Participate, Participate, and Participate Some More

Are you already famous? Is a professional handling all of your social media accounts? If yes, then maybe you can skip this part. If not, then read on. The first word in social media is “social,” yes, that’s obvious enough, but don’t take that for granted. When you create an account in every platform, you can’t just expect magic to happen and gain all the likes, follows, and favorable comments. The exception is that you’re already famous with a steady stream of fans lining up to comment on the latest photo of your dog.

Focus your efforts on making the time to interact with yourfollowers or would-be followers. Time is the primary investment here. They have to know they’re talking to another human being, and that you can reply to their queries in the quickest time possible. It’s way better to give some quality time on one social network that just keep throwing links at all of them. If you’re good and solid in one social network, you actively participate in; that can already give you desirable results. 

Make a Pre-Announcement

So you’ve got your post scheduled, and you’re itching to publish it, why not share your excitement with your followers? Even if the link isn’t available yet, you can let them know that you’ve got something new, and it will be coming soon enough.

Tweet about it, post a note about it or provide a quick overview. Intrigue your readers. Again for this to work, consider the first tip. You have to mean it. Don’t be spammy. Just send the word out that you’ve got something new to offer soon. Be sincere, be yourself, people would love that. 


Produce a Teaser

In the same way that movies produce short versions of theirmovies to entice the audience, you can do the same for your content. Be a tease to your followers. You can take a couple of the best bits of your content and pre-release them. The trick is to give your audience something of value, no matter how small it may be. But don’t overdo it. Make sure not to give out all of your good bits in your previews. Leave them wanting for more and satisfy them with your full content. 



If doing all these tips at once seems daunting, don’t fret, you can always fall back on tip number one, and you’ll do just fine. Little by little, you can incorporate the other tips into your social media routine. Be sincere, love what you do, share something of value, and people will appreciate that and would want to keep on reading. Keep them interested and wanting for more. Social media success is a reflection of you. If you look like you don’t care at all, do you think anyone else will? If you’re excited about what you do every day, why not share it?

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