Friday, 28 October 2016

5 ways social media can be improved with great mobile marketing efforts

One of the best and worst things about Instagram is that it’s hard to get to from a laptop or a desktop.

That’s because the image-sharing social media channel is ideally used from a mobile device, where there are plenty of tools available to easily take a photo, import it, edit it and post it to your page. Your mobile device can also make it easy to look at and interact with other people’s pages.

Other common social networks are more versatile, being able to be used on desktops and mobile. But still the mobile experience is becoming more popular as more people discard their desktops and conduct all of their business and pleasure through their smartphones.
For instance, projects that 86 percent of Facebook users will access it with a phone this year, and 52.9 percent of phone users will log on at least once a month with their phone. Other platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest also seem to function better when used in a mobile environment.

For marketers wondering what kind of mobile trends are ahead, look to social media.

1. Keep on hashtagging. The concept of making several one word summaries to serve as reference points and side conversation topics isn’t new. But how and when they’re used is increasing like crazy. What originally was a feature unique to Twitter can be now be used in the same way on Facbebook, Instagram and Pinterest. According to Trumpia, unique hashtags can also be created and utilized for specific marketing campaigns. You can include it in your marketing materials, or even tell people to text that phrase to you to enter contest or win prizes 

2. Keep up with advertising. People realized a few years ago that putting together campaigns to boostFacebook posts or pages really wasn’t as hard or expensive as they once feared, especially if it puts your message in front of more people than you could reach organically. You can set up or make changes to a campaign via phone, or check your results. Even better, other platforms are developing a similar “pay for better visibility" models for their customers such as Twitter, which is working on a way to see sponsored Tweets higher than standard ones. expects to see more social media advertising opportunities, including Snap chat, a streaming video service. 

3. More collaboration between social media channels. Instead of the ‘silo’ method where there’s a focus on developing and selling one particular product or service, today’s sales model involves making customers aware of and excited about several items at once. suggests that social media channels share information about interesting things on other channels, such as telling Facebook audience members to check out a fun contest on Instragram, or texts to subscribers with links to several channels worth checking out. 

4. More face-to-face interactions. Just because social media is increasingly popular doesn’t mean we have to lose all of our interpersonal relationships. A study by Display Wizard in the United Kingdom found that the marketing channels that offeredservice like face-to-face communication were more popular than the ones that were more promotional or news sites. No matter how advanced things get, there’s not much that can replace enthusiasm and energy. However, this isn’t to say we don’t need other channels – many of these can be handy for mass communications, general social interaction or business networking. 

5. Consumers want deals. Free stuff or discounted goodies can both appeal to shoppers, no matter their economic status. Mobile phones can send digital coupons or links to downloadable or digital coupons. You can text the coupon out to your text subscribers, and discuss that it’s available on some of the other channels. Or you can create a VIP club for your customers that includes regular discounts and coupons.

What's Next? 

What's your social selling strategy this year? Make sure to share them with us in the comments below!

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