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10 tips for using Twitter to increase your blog traffic

  Twitter is often associated with celebrities sending personal gossip or friends posting photos of parties. But the social media micro-blogging site is also a powerful tool for business management. 
We're assuming you all know about Twitter Cards! If not, where have you been? This is the latest tool which has been introduced, it allows you to attach rich photos, videos and media experience to Tweets which then drive traffic to your website. Right, we have given you the low down on that, so we're not going to going into further details.


Tweeting within a few strategic guidelines is especially effective for increasing blog traffic. Here are 10 tips to get you started.

Be a Good Member of the Twitter Tribe

Social media is just that, social! Twitter is not a billboard. The huge advantage of social media is that it is interactive, and if you don’t take advantage of its unique properties, you’re missing a huge opportunity to get readers to your blog.

It’s key to interact in at least 80 – 90% of tweets to build credibility. Then when you do post news about a blog post in the remaining 10 – 20%, new cyberspace friends will stop to take note.

Generate Followers but Also Follow Back

Tweeters with large followings are taken far more seriously than those with only a few followers. Potential customers will be more willing to read your blog if you are perceived as gracious and follow back anyone that follows you. It’s good manners.

Twitter puts a cap on the number of accounts you can follow until the number of followers catches up. The easiest method is to follow a group that is in your target market and within a few days, un-follow everyone who is not following back through special software such as or Hootsuite. You have to be ruthless.  Yes, Paul McCartney has three million followers, but he only follows three accounts. There’s a good chance he won’t follow you back. 

Lists to Stay Organized

twitter icon 9a

Lists are a great way to read a specific Twitter stream without wasting a follow on someone who will never follow you back. Good lists might include Twitter Rockstars for those with large followings and celebrities, BBC Stars, or groups specific to your blog’s topic. For example, a blog by moms might have lists of homeschooling or discount kids clothes accounts.

Build Relationships Through Re-tweeting

A great way to build online relationships is by re-tweeting other posts. But don’t just hit the RT button. More tweeple will see the post if you add a short comment. Something simple like “Love this!” can add meaning. 

Create a Dialogue

Experienced tweeters go beyond re-tweeting to start a dialogue with someone new. After re-tweeting an interesting post, ask the poster a question. You’ll be amazed how many people will respond and actually start tweeting with you. Next, follow them and see if they follow back.

Use Hashtags

hashtags on FB

When used properly, hashtags can be a powerful way to communicate with other tweeters interested in similar topics. But use hashtags that have meaning to a larger group, like #MumBlogger or #education or #indiefilm. Streams using those hashtags will also help you identify potential candidates for lists.

Use Photos

Twitter now has photo capability and pictures increase the visual size of each Twitter post to stand out. Remember the photo link does eat into the 140-character limit.

Twitter Feed on Your Blog

Don’t forget to link your Twitter Feed on the home page of your blog. The dual exposure increases response rates, and Google now uses Twitter as part of the search engine algorithm. 

Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

The infamous guest blogging! Guest blogging with link backs to your URL are a powerful way to increase page rank and drive more viewers to your blog. Often the relationships we build on Twitter open doors to expanded opportunities in other areas.

Tweet Daily

Twitter requires daily activity to be effective. Unlike a blog post that can be updated a few times per week, you must at least participate in the Twitterverse on a daily level, if not twice per day. 

Because the tweets are short, you can do this quickly. At a minimum, scan any mentions of you that come in and respond, and then review your lists for anything that should be re-tweeted or discussed.

Once you have the foundation in place, it will take just a few minutes per day to add social media to your business management practices, driving more readers to your blog, and adding quality potential customers along the way.

Thanks to Sarah Boisvert for this guest post. Sarah is a business writer with special interests in marketing and sales.  She has also written about manufacturing and production management.

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

How to use hashtags on Google+

Be honest, are you using #hashtags in the correct way? We have found this cool new infographic which shows you how to utilise the hashtag symbol to raise your growing Google+ awareness. Check out the following list of “dos” and “don’ts” for hashtagging on Google+.

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How do you best utilize hashtags to nurture your growing Google+ presence? Check out the following list of “do’s” and “don’ts” for hashtagging on Google+. - See more at:
How do you best utilize hashtags to nurture your growing Google+ presence? Check out the following list of “do’s” and “don’ts” for hashtagging on Google+. - See more at:
How do you best utilize hashtags to nurture your growing Google+ presence? Check out the following list of “do’s” and “don’ts” for hashtagging on Google+. - See more at:
How to use Hashtags on Google+: Do

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