Friday, 6 December 2013

Was the mission complete? What Mission Imblogable taught us in 2013

It's been another busy year at Mission Imblogable as we continued our mission to help you market your website better than your competitors.

Here's a quick précis of some of our most popular and best posts (if we say so ourselves) from 2013.

10 Tips for Using Twitter to Increase your Blog Traffic

Twitter is a powerful tool for business management, but you have to put in a little effort in order to increase your blog traffic. Tweeting on a daily basis, interacting, retweeting, using lists, hashtags, photos, and linking your Twitter feed to your blog are all excellent ways of increasing traffic. Once you've set up the initial structure, dedicating just a few minutes per day will see you reaping the rewards.

Blog Post Inspiration

A lack of inspiration can hit even the most prolific of bloggers, but fortunately there are several ways to kick-start your blogging brain. Embracing seasonal topics and taking inspiration from recent trends and the news can help you keep your blog bang on trend. Interviews are an excellent way to draw in a new crowd, as are reviews. And if all else fails, there's always lists – people do love them lists!

Blogging for Business

Business blogs are one of the best ways to connect with your customers, but starting can be a daunting prospect. The simple guidelines in this post include publishing regular content to help you rank highly in Google, and targeting a few niche keywords with each blog post to help the right people find you. Writing an informative and industry-specific article will provide you with the perfect link material, another Google-pleaser, and don't forget to use your blog to demonstrate the personality behind your business and build your reputation.

How to Write a Killer Headline

Headlines are essential – quite simply, they're what entice people to read your article – so you need to make them count. Numbers are a great way to catch people's attention as they indicate an easy-to-scan list is forthcoming, and using trigger words such as how and why shows that the reader will get value from the article. Interesting adjectives will make your headline stand out, and making the headline all about the reader will make it irresistible. As will an alluring promise. (Oh baby.)

How to Choose the Right Colours for your Website

Colours are a powerful tool in website design, as they can evoke emotion. And emotion sells. But which colours are a good match for your brand? Red indicates passion and aggression, great for sexy, empowered brands, whereas yellow denotes happiness and optimism - a perfect choice if you want to portray yourself as a fun, friendly brand. Earthy, peaceful green is the perfect match for ethical, green brands, and blue is the colour for serious business. Pink is a girly colour for feminine brands, and purple is the colour of indulgence.

Google Author Rank

A hot topic in 2013, Google Authorship and Google Author Rank highlight Google's determination to cut out bland, irrelevant content online and deliver a better service to its users. Authorship allows writers to link their Google+ profiles to their articles, so that Author Rank, an algorithm, can rank that content. Writers can build up their authority as experts in their field by building a presence, guest blogging, and encouraging engagement with their readers.

With so much helpful, quality content published this year, you can expect more fabulously helpful and entertaining reads from Mission Imblogable in 2014. Promise.

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