Friday, 19 July 2013

When Assured Shredding came to the office

We were delighted to receive our new shredder!

At Art Division it’s all go, go, go, but, from time to time, our pleasant corner of South West London can get a little quiet. It’s not like we’re situated in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Central London, with shops, tourists and temptations galore at our door. So you can imagine our excitement when a large lorry pulled up outside our office and one of our clients emerged with...our new shredder. It may not sound much, I mean, it’s hardly as if we won the Euro Lottery. However, for us it was a very happy day. Finally we could rid our heaving shelves of documents and put them into the shredder. What relief! In addition, many of us were just waiting for the opportunity to bring our bank documents, tax returns, personal information, old love letters etc into the office to put them into the secure shredder once and for all. After all, recycling such personal information is not advisable, considering the rise and rise of identity theft. Who would feel safe dumping confidential documents into a local authority recycling bin (and of course there’s the risk of some bored jobsworth rummaging through your rubbish and fining you for not putting it into the correct section...)

How does it work?

So being the altruistic people we are and with the zeal of the newly converted (ha ha) we thought we’d give you the low down on how you can make your life easier by getting those private docs zapped once and for all. Ultimately, there’s two methods you can use, either on or off-site shredding On-site offers safe and secure document destruction and the good thing is that you can witness it first hand and reassure yourself the job’s been done properly. As shown in the video below, a lockable container is delivered simply and conveniently. And it’s pretty easy – you can simply drop your documents for destruction into the slot and that’s that.

Alternatively you could just go for a one-off archive clearance and use off-site shredding to get your documents shredded at a secure location across the UK.

Right, enough explaining – watch this short video to get a proper insight into the process:

So now you’ve seen the video be sure to contact Assured Shredding if you’re interested in peace of mind when it comes to getting rid of documents. The benefits of using this company are:

-          They are environmentally friendly (ISO accredited)
-          You will have no problems with identity theft which is on the rise
-          You will save time and money
-          You will feel secure in knowing your documents are destroyed!

Why not get in touch with them?

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