Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Blogger vs. Wordpress: which is better?

Over here at Mission Imblogable, we're big fans of the old Blogger platform (and no, we're definitely not biased because that's what we use – how very dare you!) but we've heard tell that some people prefer Wordpress. Blogger and Wordpress are the undisputed royalty of blogging. But they can both be used for free, they can be both be paid for and connected to domain names, and they both do roughly the same thing – so how do you decide which one's right for you?

Because we're so lovely, we thought we'd investigate, figure out the benefits of each, and do a little comparison for you.

The benefits of Blogger

It's simpler
At face value, Blogger's a much simpler platform to just dive into, so if you're keen to get started without too much fuss, and aren't concerned with being able to customise the layout drastically, then Blogger could be for you. If you're just looking for somewhere to vent, muse or otherwise get your thoughts down in writing, Blogger's a great starting point.

It's linked to your google account
Some people aren't keen on having everything Google-shaped linked by one central account (your profile), but it does have its benefits, particularly if you use a number of other Google applications, such as Gmail, Gcal or G+. Not to mention, if you decide to start several different blogs, you'll be able to access them all easily without logging in and out multiple times for each one.

You can read other blogs on it easily
One thing Blogger's got that Wordpress doesn't is an easy way to read other people's blogs, so if you're an avid reader as well as a prolific writer, Blogger might be the way forward for you (especially considering Google Reader is shutting down immanently. Yes, we're sad too).

The benefits of Wordpress

You can customise its designs
The fantastic thing about Wordpress is that it's easy to make it look however you want. Okay... so “easy,” isn't the right word, but it is possible, which is more than we can say for Blogger. With Blogger, it's pretty difficult to take the design beyond the generic layout. There are countless Wordpress themes, which can all be tweaked and altered until your site's looking just how you want it.

You can use it for more than just blogging
The other great thing about Wordpress is that you can use it to create a regular looking website, without a blog in sight. In essence, it's just about the best way to put together a professional-looking website with minimal expenditure or effort.

You can install plugins
Plugins are another thing that make Wordpress what it is – so very highly customisable. There's a plugin for just about everything (ahem, apologies – didn't mean to sound like an App ad) you could need.

So which should you use?

We think Wordpress is better for more advanced users who want to fully customise the look of their blog and have access to a limitless range of themes and designs to use – it's perfect for business owners who want a professional-looking website. We've used it here for Property Division and we like the results. Blogger is a better bet for newbies and the casual user who wants somewhere simple and easy to start writing.

If you are thinking about setting up a blog for your business (here's why you should be) and you still can't decide which to use, then let the guys at Art Division help you get going. If you're already up and running then get some inspiration for your next blog post. You're welcome.

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