Friday, 5 April 2013

More of our favourite social media jokes

Don't ever let it be said that here at Mission Imblogable we don't give you what you want. Two of our most popular posts ever have been about online jokes and social media jokes. So what have we got for you? More of that funny funny stuff! Here are a few of our current favourites from around the web...

Creepy Facebook Guy

Ahh, so true. How is it that we end up browsing particular friends' pages, delving into the forgotten realms of their status updates from five years ago? We have no idea, but we definitely do it. We're not trying to be creepy. We just love reminiscing about that time we all dressed up as pirates back in '07, and Liking wasn't a thing then. So it only makes sense that we Like it now, right? ... Right?

Social Media Explained

If you're ever unsure of what you should be using each social network for, please refer to this handy guide. And possibly stock up on donuts. Twitter's for hashtags, Facebook's for liking, Instagram's for applying vintage filters to photos of food, LinkedIn's for marketing your skills... true enough. We'd like to add that MySpace is for... um. Actually, we have no idea. We're pretty something's happening over there, though.

Twitter's Down

Uh oh! The world falls into crisis when Twitter goes down. Because where else do we find out who thought what of the MasterChef quarter finals this week? Twitter is a crucial information network and, damn it, we need to know what you had for breakfast! We need to delay the day that we need to start communicating face-to-face again for as long as possible. Because we really don't want to have to put on pants any time soon.

Vintage Social Networking

Hey! Remember what life was like before social media? No, nor do we. Apparently there were things like address books, telephones, rolodexes and post-it notes. Oh, and little wooden sticks with pointy ends that made marks on paper. We can't think why anyone would need such peculiar items. Now, where did I put my iPhone? I hope I didn't leave it in a cab again, because I'd be lost without it.

Instagram Emergency

We don't get why so many people are against photos of food on Instragram. Everyone knows there's only one good use for food -- if you can't take a picture of it, what's the point in having it? Who needs nutrition anyway? Certainly not the hipsters of the world.

Facebook Procrastination

Hmm, how much more work would get done in the Mission Imblogable office if it weren't for Facebook...? I guess we'll never know, because such a question can only ever be purely hypothetical.

So those are our current favourite social media jokes. Tell us some of yours in the comments below! And don't forget to tweet, like, pin, share, +1, email, blog and send a carrier pigeon about this post.

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