Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Spring clean your social media accounts

Spring Clean your Social Media Accounts
Well, we've finally caught up with ourselves here at Mission Imblogable. We polished off the leftover Christmas chocolates weeks ago and we've heartily failed our new year's resolutions to go to the gym every day and eat more healthily. (Those chocolates didn't help, admittedly.)

So we're ready to resume normal life in the office, but we thought we'd make things a little easier on ourselves by cleaning out our social media accounts: time to cut back the clutter to make time for our highly important work. (HIGHLY important work.) Here's how you can do the same:

LinkedIn is a place for making professional connections and networking with those in your industry. But we're betting you don't even know half the people on your list. Just who is that SEO consultant in Stockport? Have you ever even spoke to him? Delete! And delete anyone else you've never spoken to and really couldn't put your finger on why you connected in the first place. Oh, and stop endorsing people for things. It doesn't mean anything anyway, it's just another fun way to waste your time.

Your personal Facebook account is a place for friends, not acquaintances and definitely not your boss. Your company account needs regular posts - but have you actually looked at which ones are getting the most engagement? Measure, check and compare. More metrics, less looking at Grumpy Cat. If pasting endless links isn't working anymore, then maybe it's time to rethink your strategy.

We like to think of Twitter as a legitimate news source in the Mission Imblogable office. That's our story and we're sticking to it. Even so, the number of times we've strayed and found ourselves reading about Bieber's latest angry antics is simply embarrassing. So cut out the gossip accounts and stop following those who seem to take up an inordinate amount of your feed without ever actually saying anything. Set up alerts, use a third party app and follow hash tags that actually relate to your business.

There are now third party apps for Pinterest too. So you can schedule these posts now. How many boards have you got now? Streamline. Keep it relevant, and see what is actually working. Pinterest have just launched analytics for social marketers, so use them. Don't just look at pictures of cakes, shoes and cats, measure your work.

Google+ is the one place we're actually going to advocate spending MORE time. Either that, or delete your account completely. Because otherwise what's the point in having it? Obviously you should still spend your time on G+ wisely, but it really is a great place to have interesting conversations. So dust your account off, update your profile, and get busy with the fabulous networking action.

Meaningful work is happening all over the place in the Mission Imblogable office now that we've pruned our social media accounts. Because that's how we roll. And you should too.

If you need help with all that social media marketing, then get in touch with the team at Art Division. They can help you get on top of these never ending platforms.

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