Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The top 10 games apps for office workers

There's nothing we like more than wasting a couple of hours on Angry Birds in the Mission Imblogable office (and we're pretty sure the boss doesn't read the blog). You're the same, yeah? Of course you are! And that's why we've put together a list of our faves, just for you:

1. Angry Birds

Duh, right? If this isn't part of your life already, you've got some serious thinking to do. Go ahead, we'll be here when you get back.

2. Plants vs. Zombies

We're a big fan of the whole zombie scene. (Vampires are so over.) So, not surprisingly, Plants vs. Zombies makes it onto our list. Use badass plants to make sure those pesky zombies can't cross the lawn and invade your home. We like to pretend the home is our office and the zombies are our clients. KIDDING.

3. Words with Friends

Sooo, it's basically Scrabble, but better. The rules are slightly different, the board is slightly different, the points are slightly different... but yeah, it's pretty much Scrabble. Only you don't have to pack it all away after, and you never lose a piece. Bonus!

4. Paper Toss

Flicking wads of paper into the office bin. That's it, really. Surprisingly addictive, and far better than flicking actual wads of paper into the actual office bin. Because nobody ever shouted at you or made you pick up any virtual pieces of trash now, did they? You can also toss paper at your virtual coworkers, which is particularly therapeutic if you name them after your real live coworkers on a stressful day. (There's grenades and stuff too. Just sayin'.)

5. Rayman Jungle Run

Oh, Rayman! We're super excited to have this little fella land in our pockets, a safe haven to retreat to on one of those days. A good dose of nostalgia to take us back to our childhood is what we need sometimes, and Rayman is the perfect guy for the job. Feeling down on the tube? Get Rayman out. Down on the bus? Rayman. On the train? Rayman! Always Rayman. And, apparently, always feeling down while commuting. Funny that.

6. Infinity Blade

If you're a gamer at heart – and we're not talking 'likes to play the occasional game of Solitaire' – and are disappointed that there are no seriously epic games to play while out and about, then obviously you should just stay home and play WoW. Or you could stick Infinity Blade on your iPhone, go outside for once, and get so engrossed you miss your bus stop.

7. Fruit Ninja

Slice and dice fruit as it flies onto your screen. So simple, so elegant, so perfectly addictive. Okay, so there are bombs as well as fruit, and it's not really that elegant. But the other stuff is true.

8. Street Fighter IV

You already know we love retreating to our childhood via the medium of mobile games, but what you DIDN'T know is that we don't always do it for comfort and that lovely safe feeling. Sometimes we just want to hit stuff. Not gonna lie, there may be some pent up aggression involved.

And those are our top er, 8, as it happens. Because that's what happens when you write the title of your article first. Anyway, enjoy! Or get back to work, whatever.

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