Thursday, 3 January 2013

Online organisation for 2013

Are you staring forlornly at your failed list of resolutions for 2012? Have you resolved to do better this year? You're not the only one. We often start the year with a huge surge of enthusiasm and dive headfirst into our new goals: we want to get organised, get fit, and get out of debt. And we get off to a great start in January. In February our determination begins to wane, and by March we're sat on the sofa with a bowl of Dorito's and a beer, watching Coronation Street and thinking about how we'll start afresh tomorrow. Only we never do. Before we know it, it's Christmas again and we're as disorganised, unfit and poor as we were twelve months ago.

New Year Business Resolutions

Fortunately, technology is on our side. With more websites and apps dedicated to personal development than ever before, it's easy to get organised. Here are a few of our favourite apps for keeping us on track throughout the year:

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Making a list is the most basic step you can take on the road to organisation. The to-do list is the saviour of overwhelmed workaholics, students with countless deadlines looming, and those who like to juggle as many exciting projects as possible. Trello is a simple application that allows you to organise your various undertakings into projects, under which you can include numerous separate lists. For example, you could create a Home Renovation Project and create a separate to-do list for each room in your home. It's perfect for organising your to-do list into relevant categories, so you can figure out what needs doing at a glance.

Budget Tracker 

Getting finances organised is one of the most common new year's resolutions around. Whether it's getting out of debt or building a healthy savings account, personal finances are the bane of many. It can be overwhelming trying to keep on top of earnings and outgoings, bill and payments. Budget Tracker is an online money management tool that allows you to track all your spendings and transactions, bringing you that much closer to your personal finance goals.


The other big new year's resolution is, of course, getting in shape. One of the best things you can do to help keep on track is record your workouts. Throw in a dash of accountability, and you're onto a winner. Fitocracy allows you to make a note of your goals and keep track of your progress over time, awarding you points and badges for hitting certain markers and milestones. Even better, it's home to an active community of other Fitocrats, meaning there's always someone around to offer advice or spur you on.

Stay organised on the move

You can download any of these apps to your beloved mobile device, so if you got a brand spanking new tablet or smartphone for Christmas, you can stay one step ahead and keep on track while on the move. These are just a few of our faves, but if you've got another resolution in mind, a quick web search is sure to uncover the perfect app to help keep you on track to accomplish your goals.

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