Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Christmas Technology Wishlist

Dear Santa.......Unusual Choices for Christmas Tech Gifts

It wouldn't be Christmas without a long scroll detailing the goodies we'd like to find under our trees:  Hundreds of new gadgets come out every year, each vying for our attention with their smaller screen, bigger screen, faster features, lighter weight, better quality... There's never a shortage of things to choose from. Here are a few of our favourites for this year. Quirky? Never.

USB Mug Warmer


Christmas Technology - USB Mug Warmer

Long, winter nights and short, dark days mean a lot of time sat inside at your computer with a steaming hot cup of coffee. Unfortunately, getting sucked into the realms of Facebook and Twitter means your poor cuppa oft gets forgotten, until you're left with nothing but a stone-cold shadow of its former self. A USB mug warmer is just the ticket to keep your beverage of choice slowly simmering until you drag yourself back from the land of the interwebz.


Pen Type-A

What do you mean, “a pen isn't technology”? Of course it is! Old school, baby. And anyway, isn't it about time you tore yourself away from crappy Bics and leaking cartridges? We know they have their charm, but they don't command respect. Not like the Pen Type-A. Oh, my. Now this is a pen for geeks: Made with precision from stainless steel, it's hailed as the pen to pass down the generations, designed to last for 50 years. It comes in a stainless steel case with a ruler etched down the side, and the pen slides in with all the grace of a pneumatic cylinder... Phwoar. Excuse us. Like, really. Back in a minute.

Kindle (The regular one. Seriously.)

With countless incarnations of the Kindle being spat out continuously, it can be tempting to grab for the latest offering, but we maintain that the regular, cheap Kindle is the best – sans bells and whistles. Touch screens are all very well for browsing, but what about when you find the perfect position on the sofa, and it involves incapacitating your left hand? (Er, behind your head – nothing sinister, promise.) What do you do when you need to go back a page because you've forgotten whether Theon was talking to Robb or Catelyn? Stick with the regular Kindle and its lovely buttons, and this is a problem you'll never have to face. (Bring us a Paperwhite with buttons and we'll think about it, because we really do love to read under the covers.)

iPad mini

 It wouldn't be Christmas without at least one Apple product topping the list; Last year the full-size iPad topped the gift charts, but this year Apple have a new offering (duh). The iPad mini is smaller, thinner and lighter than its predecessor making it a truly portable gadget by comparison. The mini can easily slip into your pocket or handbag and be held in the palm of your hand (allegedly – maybe if you have big man hands), yet it still features the same functionality of its big brother. Yes, we know there's nothing unusual or zany about iPads. But we really, really want one.

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