Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Getting The Most From Google+

Google is currently using its SEO benefits to entice bloggers and webmasters to get involved with Google+. Google Authorship is the platform used by Google to use you as a quality content source. Setting up this platform is straightforward and simple. All you need is to identify yourself using your Google+ profile. Once this is done, you link back to it from your content and vice versa.

The easiest way to take advantage of the SEO benefits associated with Google+ is through the use of Google Authorship. Using it will allow you to have your picture show up next to your blog posts in Google search results. As a result, you will receive higher click-through rates and rankings. It is a fact that search results which have the author's image stand a higher chance of being trusted and therefore have a higher
likelihood of getting clicks. Some of the benefits associated with Google authorship are:
  • increase in click through rates
  • protection of original post's ranking position
  • improved chances of showing up in more personalized search results
  • helps content to stand out from crowded search results pages
  • increases trustworthiness by adding a human element to your content
  • increases awareness of your overall Google+ profile page
Eric Welke is a Google+ member and regular author at  He provides information the Empower Network, internet marketing and affiliate marketing tips.

Tips on how to get the most from Google+

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