Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Testing Social Signals

How does social media affect Google page ranking? 

A recent study tested six websites to assess the effects of social media promotions on page ranking by tracking six websites in different cities. Five were test websites, and one was a one control site. Sites were tested with Google , Facebook and Twitter. Findings indicated that social promotions through Google, Facebook and Twitter all improved page rank. Dimensions examined were Google followers, Google+1 votes, Twitter followers, Facebook promotion, and Twitter tweets and retweets.

Not surprisingly, the most significant impact on page rank was Google followers. One hundred Google followers accounted for an average of in increase by 14.63 positions in SERP ranking. The next most significant social media dimension was Google+1 votes for the target website. Three hundred Google+1 votes accounted for an average increase of 9.44 positions. Facebook promotions accounted for an average increase of 6.9 positions. Twitter tweets and retweets advanced target sites an average of 2.88 positions. One interesting finding was that the number of Twitter followers actually had a negative impact on positioning. One thousand followers actually decreased site rank by 1.22 positions. The control site, with no intervention, increased in rank by 0.11.

What does this study really tell us? It's a brief snapshot, but it does point to the importance of Google +.

Social Media Signals for Marketing

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  1. Despite these numbers, I think most online marketers still prefer to put a majority stake on facebook while keeping G+ in the secondary. Facebook still has the money, it seems, but marketers are slowly picking up G+'s tempo and are keeping it in the wings.


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