Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Get Going With Guest Blogging

What is guest blogging anyway?

Guest blogging is when you provide one or more post for another blog. In our experience, the best guest blogging exchanges are free and reciprocal. You create content tailored to another site, and offer them the chance to do the same.

Why would I want to do that? It takes me all day to get my own blog done!  

Four reasons you should be guest blogging

Pen and Paper for Writing Guest Blogs

1. Promotion

Guest blogging is a great way of promoting your business. It’s a chance for you to write about what on earth you actually do, what your USP is, and all the fabulous work you’ve done for your clients.

2. Link Building

Make sure that when you write your guest post, you include a few lines of bio, with a link to your site. Building high quality links back to your site is a very good way of improving your online presence and overall SEO strategy.

3. Engagement

Guest blogging gives you a chance to engage with a community that you don’t normally have access to. Think about the audience that the site you’re posting on. What are they interested in? Ask them questions at the end of the post and don’t forget to reply to any comments that you see.

4. Social

Most bloggers use Twitter, Facebook, Google + all that other good social gubbins to spread the word when they have a new post.  When you’re lovely guest blog is live, your host will likely get social about it. And so can you. That’s what we call a win win.

OK, so you’ve realised that maybe guest blogging is a good idea

How do you get going? Have a look at the websites of your clients, suppliers and local business community. Before you approach another business for guest blogging, consider the following: 

  • Look at their blog. What’s the tone, who posts, and on what topics?
  • Do they have a guest blog spot where local businesses get to talk about what they offer?
  • Do they want content tailored to a specific subject?
  • Do they have guidelines already published on the site?

Now you’ve given it some consideration, contact them. Email or call. Don’t send a blanket email to everyone you’ve ever met who has a blog, as this won’t work.  Start softly. Remember you are approaching another busy business person, just like you. Suggest a few titles, with short prĂ©cis. Offer them a guest slot in return.  Tell them about your blog traffic, audience, page rank and how you’re going to go crazy on your social networks just as soon as the spanking fresh content is up there.

We here at Mission Imbloggable love to both give and receive when it comes to guest blogging, so if you would like to see your words of wisdom in a space like this then let us know about it.  If you have any more tips for wanna-be guest bloggers out there let us know in the comments below.

Happy Guesting!

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