Thursday, 4 October 2012

Look to niche leaders for content marketing wins

Are you investing in a new content strategy? Have you done your research?

If you want your content strategy to be successful you need to know that the content that you are going to be creating will be able to gain some traction in your niche. When putting together their content strategy Boom Online looked at several leading industry blogs to see what content was attracting the most links. Rather than keep the data to themselves they turned some of it into an infographic to demonstrate the kind of data that you need to be looking at.

This technique can be easily applied to any niche or vertical and the data can be easily gathered for free by using a number of readily available SEO tools (Open Site Explorer for links Social Crawlytics for social data).
The data in this infographic was gathered from the popular Econsultancy blog and the guys at Boom looked at several metrics for the top 50 most linked to posts on the Econsultancy blog.
By gathering this data (and data from other leading niche blogs) you are able to know where to spend your marketing budget, you can gather outreach data on sites that have already linked to similar content and create a content plan that is more likely to succeed.

Successful content strategy

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