Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Our Favourite Olympic Adverts

The Olympics is well under way and of course we are all being bombarded with the Olympic spirit from our well known brands. Here are some of our favourites:

Proctor &Gamble – Best Job

P & G’s new Olympic advert captivates the heart of the nation to achieve waterworks all round. Playing on the mother- child bond, P&G successfully promote a mothers part raising an athlete. Boasting over five million views on YouTube, this advert definitely deserves a Gold Medal.

Channel 4 Paralympics – Superhuman

The Paralympics has been overshadowed by its popular sister event for many years, until now. This brilliant inspirational advert has ensured the Paralympics are not forgotten. Channel 4 is showing “superhuman” athletes who have overcome many battles in their lifetime to become the best in their sport.

British Airways – Bag Race

This British airways advert aired at the beginning of 2012, started the ball rolling for Olympic fever. This light hearted advert shows a race between suitcases from different nationalities, commentated Olympic style, kick starting British patriotism within ads.

Cadbury - Gooing for gold

To promote the launch of Crème Eggs during Easter, Cadbury’s introduced a series of humorous Olympic egg themed adverts. It included iconic Olympic events such as the opening/closing ceremonies, diving and the cycling. These adverts were definitely entertaining, with people keeping an eye out for the next instalment.

Visa - Usain Bolt vs London

What’s an Olympic list without the fastest man on the planet being present? Usain Bolt is one of the most well known and liked athlete on the planet. Visa uses Bolt’s speed to promote its faster service in an amusing way, to grab attention anyone in the room.

These are our favourites what are yours?

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