Wednesday, 18 July 2012

How to Make a Great Twitter Background?

After looking last week at some terrific Twitter backgrounds, this week we'll be sharing some top tips to ensure you can create the perfect background for your page.

1. Twitter backgrounds are left-aligned
This means that all important information needs to be on the left hand side. This is even though the "Twitter" panel is centered on the page.

As your background is fixed to the left hand side of the browser, if a visitor views your page with a wide screen, they may not see the right hand side.

2. Be concious of space limitations
To reach the majority of visitors, use between 66px and 194px for the left hand panel.
The "Twitter" panel has a fixed width of 865px. This means the rest (width dependant on the monitor) is free for the background.

3. Keep your background consistent with your branding
Use the same colours and logo as on your website in your background and profile picture.

- too much text or detail will distract from your Tweets, so avoid this!
- keep it simple, and clearly linked to your business identity
- consider using either your company logo or a photo of your spokesperson as the profile pic

4. Consider your background/ image colours
If you select the same background colour (via Twitter) as your background image, the two will blend together. This can be great especially if you have a shorter image.
The easiest way to do this is pick your colour via Twitter, and then afterwards use this as the basis for your background image.

5. Save your image as .PNG
This means it will be of a higher quality than .JPEG, so any detail (such as text) won't be lost.

So, what are you waiting for? ;-)

Click on "Edit your profile"

Click on "Design"

Scroll down, and you can upload a new background image and change the colour.

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