Friday, 25 May 2012

Sandam v. Nandos: the Battle of Online Video

How should you react if another brand spoofs your advertising? This is exactly what happened to Sandam (an insurance company in South Africa).

Which triggered a rather humerous chain of events...

It all began when Sandam released a standard advert, using a "made you look" technique (similar to the TFL moonwalking bear one). So far, pretty normal.

But then, how to react when Nandos created a low-budget spoof video of their ad?

The answer? Fight fire with fire ! Sandam, rather than engage in costly legal action, took it one step further and published a "come-back" video.

A nice way to show a human side to the brand - and what great publicity !

Nando's accepts the challenge - and raises the stakes.

Overall, brilliant publicity for both brands. A great way to diffuse what could certainly have become a messy legal battle.

What do you think? And what's your favourite spoof video?

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