Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How to make the Ordinary Extraordinary? 3 Great Case Studies

If you're scrawling out realms of copy on office stationary, searching for inspiration in cleaning products, or simply trying to piece together a seemingly endless FAQ page, it can be hard going. Even after that double espresso.

So how do the best copywriters and creatives manage to turn functional brands from unremarkable, uninspiring and unoriginal into exciting, original and memorable?

Here's a look at some of our favourite "everyday" brands that, thanks to some creative thinking (and not always a pot of gold!) have certainly succeeded in transforming their products from boring to brilliant.

Tippex created a buzz back in 2010 with "A Hunter Shoots a Bear", a great little interactive video which allowed the viewer to "rewrite the story". And now they're back, celebrating their "2 year anniversary".

Method - people against dirty
When it comes to tone of voice, Innocent smoothies is the classic example of the "cool brand of the moment". But we think over at Method cleaning products, they're creating something pretty special.

After all, who doesn't want to "High Five a Rainbow... then throw your clean, sweet-smelling hands in the air like you just don't care."?

One Fine Stay - the "unhotel"
Let's face it, FAQ pages are normally quite long and boring.

It's a matter of scrolling down... and down and down until you finally chance upon the information you were looking for.

Yet this page from One Fine Stay is not only informative and easy to read.... but also, dare we say it, kind of funny too.

What are your favourite brands, that manage to turn boring into exciting? Share with us in the comments ;-)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

10 Brilliantly Creative 404 Pages

A 404 page is shown if the page the visitor is looking for doesn't exist. They might have followed an old link or typed in the URL of the page incorrectly.

When designing the 404 page for your website, what should you think about?

 - tone of voice - don't make it too technical. You just need a simple messaging explaining that the page they were looking for doesn't exist. A bit of humour doesn't go amiss either !

- clear navigation, or menu - to make sure the visitor stays on your website.

- branding - the design should fit in with the rest of your site.

- a search box/ function can be useful in helping visitors find the content they were looking for.

So, we've trawled the web in search of some great examples to inspire you. Here are our (weird and wonderful!) findings...

1. Erm, this is awkward. Know any jokes? We love how the jokes just keep coming as you click on the image !

2. I say, William, this page is devoid of function !

 3. Here is a bouncing elephant instead....This page is quite possibly our favourite. Mostly because of the sheer randomness.

 4. Can't find what you're looking for? Pacman is surely the answer.

5. I have terrible news... 

6. CTRL+ALT+DEL is always the answer .... including for lost web pages? Hmmmm

7. Oh dear. You made the racoon cry.

8. "Seems as though the cat got the server's tongue." Yes, this wins the prize for strangest 404 page. 

9. Let's shoot the web designer.

10. This last one needs to be visited to get the full dizzying (quite literally) experience. Here's the link

Friday, 6 April 2012

Local Facebook Pages Outperform Global Pages

Recently, this great piece of research by Hearsay Social caught our attention.

As illustrated in the Infographic, it suggests that a typical Facebook post from a local Page (like a small business) reaches 5 times the percentage of fans as a Corporate post, and eight times as many fans will engage with the post.

This just confirms our view that it's not about the number of fans you have, but how you engage with them !

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