Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Changing Social Media Landscape

The Global Web Index has just published new research about the global state of social media, with a study comprising of 122,000 surveys across 27 markets, with 3 waves of research.

It focuses on 5 main trends:

#1 Think Local
"Growth markets will increasingly shape the evolution social media and online services around the world."

#2 China v Everyone
"Sina Weibo has twice as many active micro-bloggers than Twitter. This is a staggering example of how China will increasingly sit alongside the rest of the world."

#3 To Mobile Parity
"Within the next 5 years, mobile device activity will outstrip fixed PC usage in emerging markets."

#4 Death of Digital
"The fashion in which Internet and technology have evolved has created a world in which the internet is infused with much of our daily lives."

#5 Googopoly
"Never before has one company controlled the distribution of so much information."

#6 Facebook Fatigue
"Facebook fatigue is something that could derail even the best made plans and will be a key trend to watch throughout 2012."

Here's the full presentation:

"Weibo has twice as many users as Twitter in China" If you have a b2b business in South West London, you're probably not so interested how the kids in Beijing are updating their social profiles.

But the social media landscape is changing on a global scale. For example, the "Googlisation" of everything. So here are Our Key Takeaways for the small business with an online presence:

1. The rise of mobile

- from the beginning to the end of the survey, mobile internet use increased by 100% in Europe from 20% to 40%

- mobile use is not just for travelling or when out - but also increasingly, at home, rather than using a PC

- visitors are becoming harder to track (e.g. using cookies) as they are often accessing the internet using multiple device

2. "Googopoly"

- users who visit Google still increasing - 85% users on a worldwide basis use it

- Google+ is the number 2 social network, behind Facebook

- Google is becoming a larger and larger part of our internet experience

3. Facebook Fatigue

- Facebook fatigue is spreading further than early adopters

- Mobile access to Facebook is growing and fast

4. Social Brands

- consumers are interacting with brands on unprecedented levels, but websites are still key, as the first point of interaction with many consumers

- social is an extension of the business, but customers want something in return

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