Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Greatest Geek Gifts for 2011

Looking for a last minute gift for your designer, developer or marketer friend/ colleague/ friendly neighbour? We've rounded up the best the net has to offer...

1. Pacman Clock 
This retro clock will be sure to brighten up your office or home !

2. Control Z Necklace
Ever wanted to press "Control Z" in real life? This necklace is for you. Although unfortunately it doesn't work quite the same in real life as in Photoshop...

3. Mug with biscuit holder
How could a cup of tea possibly get any better? If it came with biscuits, of course !

4. I know... html
Looking for the perfect present for a developer or programmer? This "I know HTML (How to Meet Ladies)" t-shirt could be the answer.

5. How web design goes straight to hell... the poster
A great poster by Oatmeal showing, step-by-step, how an excellent web design becomes a "horrible abomination".

6. Mirror book Air
A present for the geekette... a pocket mirror suspiciously similar to the mac book air...

7. Like Dislike
Perhaps you have a friend who "works" on Facebook all day? A community manager or social media marketer? These "Like" and "Dislike" stamps could be the perfect gift!

8. Scrabble fridge magnets
It's time to take word-play on the fridge to the next level with these scrabble magnets, with double word and triple letter scores.

9. On/ Off Mug
Do you have a college, that simply doesn't function without coffee? This mug is very smart, turning from "off" to "on" when filled with a hot drink.

10. Rubix cube mug
This retro mug is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face... whether it is practical to drink out of a square mug, well, that's another question !

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  1. These are cute items, funny as well as fascinating. Might not work as effectively for people who aren't that much into IT though.


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