Wednesday, 7 December 2011

5 Great Sites for your Tea Break

Looking for some light entertainment on your tea break? We've rounded up some of the greatest sites on the web for you to waste 10 minutes on enjoy after working so hard all day.

Warning : high quantity of cats inside !

1. teaandkittens

For the removal of stress in office environments. Each time you refresh the page you're provided with a fresh mug of tea and some new kittens.

An eclectic collection of movie stills, these images are captivating... Who knew it was possible for an animated GIF to be beautiful?

This is an advent calender with a difference! Every day reveals a new and exciting dance from Lewis and Luke. Potentially the best dancers. Ever.


Ever wondered how much your cat is worth? After answering a dozen or so random questions, and uploading an image of your precious mog, webuyanycat will tell you to the nearest penny the value of your cat.

The age old question. When is it nearly the weekend? Is it on Thursday morning? Or perhaps not until Friday evening. This website provides the definitive answer.

What are your favourite sites? Let us know in the comments here, or over on Facebook.

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