Thursday, 17 November 2011

Me me me ... keeping fans engaged on Facebook

This great cartoon by Tom Fishburne illustrates how, despite having a Facebook page, some brands just don't get Social Media.

But how can you avoid talking about your company and products non-stop? What can you write about that will start a conversation and engage your fans?

1. Find the right rythym
Think about your fan base - would they like to hear from you every 15 minutes, or a little less often? You might find it's more effective to post once or twice a day, rather than bombarding them with updates every few minutes.

A recent study from Buddy Media suggests you should also consider when you post. Out of business hours and weekend posts can have higher engagement levels. The above statistics are for the retail sector.

2. Schedule time for Facebook
Set aside 5 - 10 minutes each day to post an update, and reply to any questions or comments. Customers really appreaciate it if you reply promptly to them.

3. Keep it human
Rather than copy & pasting information from your website, or press releases, be conversational, personal and above all authentic.

4. Share news & exclusive content
"Sneak peaks", just like exclusive deals, are a great way to make fans feel special. You can share photos, news, videos, or anything else that could interest your fans.

5. Encourage & reward fan participation
Start conversations that will interest your fans - ask questions and take the time to reward fans that answer. Let fans post to your wall and comment on your posts.

How do you keep your fans engaged on your Facebook page? We'd love to hear your "top tips" in the comments !

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  1. There is a great presumption here of a vast sea of attentive and eager ears out there. Shoudn't the first step be to test if one's clients and potential clients "do" Facebook, Tweeting and blog reading first? I tried this and found none of them had time for it.

    Wisdom please!



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