Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Make your Facebook page a mini website

Facebook is not only the biggest social networking tool of the century – it’s fast becoming the hottest way for businesses to engage with their customers, old or new...

An effective Facebook strategy will grow your business sales by putting you and your brand in front of customers you’ve never come across before. To help businesses get more out of Facebook, Art Division is proud to announce the launch of Facebook LikeIt Pages– an online tool that helps you create your own ‘mini-website’ within Facebook.

So, how can Facebook LikeIt! benefit your brand?

  • Quite simply, it’s a unique opportunity to:
  • Share your brand values and identity with your existing client base – as well as opening doors to a whole new one...
  • Showcase your work – done something you’re particularly proud of this week? Now you can share it with the world! Videos, pdfs – you name it, you can share it
  • Reach more customers by offering users juicy, exclusive content on your Facebook page  - whether that’s a video, a discount on a new product, or a freebie
  • Get precious feedback – and for free! If you please your customers, they’ll be sure to let others know what a great service they’ve received on Facebook, and may go on to share your page with hundreds of their own contacts
  • Run competitions live from your ‘mini-site’
  •  Market your products and services to a much wider audience – and for one of the lowest costs on the market!
  • Make Google like you more. Having a Facebook business page improves your search engine results massively

Can you afford not to LikeIt!?
Visit to find out more about how LikeIt! can get more fans liking your business page and to take advantage of our 7 days FREE trial. 

Join our Facebook LikeIt page to claim your 10% off as well and share your feedback.

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