Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Google Analytics in Real Life

This humorous video from Google depicts a customer attempting to purchase a loaf of bread, faced with questions such as:

- username?
- postcode?
- do you agree to the following terms and conditions?
- please prove you're human by reading the following illegible words...

The cashier then goes on to confuse matters by with an "opt out" bread insurance policy, a bewilderingly large range of prices for different delivery methods and a "time-out" mechanism.

Of course, it all sounds a bit ridiculous in a supermarket context.

So why can purchasing online be such a struggle?

Or in other words, do you find that you're attracting plenty of visitors to your site, but they're simply not purchasing?

Using Google Analytics can be a great way to find out exactly why and where you're losing them. You'll then be able to take measures to improve the purchasing process, and maximise sales.

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