Friday, 30 September 2011

Social Media Around The World 2011

This beautiful presentation is the result of a survey done by Insites Consulting; amongst over 9,000 consumers in 35 counties about their social media usage.

Some interesting statistics:
- people don't just use Facebook: in Europe the average person joins 1.9 social networks
- the average Facebook session lasts 37 mins
- more than 50% of Social Network users are connected to brands
- 58% of Facebook users log in at least daily
- 42% have had a conversation with a brand via social networks

The interesting part?
60% don't want any new social networks, and 93% is happy with what they have and won't increase or decrease. So, what does this mean for Google+ ? When it removed the invite-only feature last week, membership increased  by 30%, taking it to over 40 million members. While this may seem a lot, it's still tiny compared to Facebooks 750 million strong base.

We're thinking that the role the +1 button has to play in SEO will be a huge part in determining the success of Google+. And with the news that brand pages are coming soon (at the moment it's just open to individuals), perhaps we won't have to wait too long to find out!

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