Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Impact of Google+ on SEO

We've been gripped by Google+ here at Art Division!

Mostly because Google+ is so much more than a competitor to Facebook. It could, and probably will  transform the SEO world and the way we do online marketing. It means the search engine giant is placing a higher importance on social signals than ever before.

Up to now we've seen the integration of Twitter real-time results in the search results - and of course,  the value of links from blogs and other social sites such as Facebook. But since the end of June and the launch of Google+, we've been seeing sure signs that the future of SEO is social...

The +1 button

The +1 button on Google+ (the equivalent of the Facebook "like") is a social indicator of how valued a webpage is. The reason it's a bigger deal than Facebooks "likes"? Because Google can interpret these +1's in its search algorithms.

So, for example, if your blog has been shared many times by users on Google+, it could rank higher than another with zero "+1's". After all, it makes sense. You want to visit the sites, blogs or content that other people find valuable - not the ones that an automated algorithm (however good it is) thinks you might like. If there's a restaurant with many positive reviews (or signs of approval such as visitors using the "+1" button, you're likely to choose this one).

Eventually, search will be completely social. Instead of having to rely on the opinions of strangers (let's face it, we're all a little sceptical about those 5 star reviews sometimes), or even an automated search engine, in the results page will be the reccomendations of your friends and colleagues. Just as it would be in real life, it's the people around you - your network - or indeed your "circles" that you would go to for advice.

Google+ user profiles 

Google+ lets you set up Google Authorship - this means you can link up articles or posts to your Google+ profile. This creates many possibilities for personal branding - and to provide exposure for yourself as an author.

The greatly awaited Google Brand Pages... 
Even following the confusion and deletion of many branded or "non-personal"pages back in July, it's safe to say that businesses can't wait for branded pages to be released. Better search opportunities (as naturally we're expecting the search engine giant to give more importance to it's own social platform), integration with Google Analytics and a cleaner design.... It will also be interesting to see how the pages will tie into other Google products - such as Google Places for example.

Looking forward...
Google is certainly a late entrant to the Social Network market. But we reckon the potential synergies with other Google products such as Search, Google Places, Picasa Web Albums, Youtube, Gmail, mean that this new Social Network will prove a force to be reckoned with.

Google+ is not yet open up to the public (still invite only for the moment!), and there's no sign of the business pages. For now? We suggest you add the Google+ button to your site or blog- it can only help your search engine rankings. And we'll keep you updated when the social network is open to everyone.

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  1. The biggest challenge would be to strengthen the userbase of Google+. Seeing that Facebook easily eats up almost the entire pie means Google has to think up of something. These promising features would be meaningless without users.

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