Monday, 15 August 2011

World Bank Research Proves the Power of Blogs

A recent article from the World Bank has put the power of blogging firmly back on the map. Blog posts are shown as fuelling downloads and views of academic papers.

Senior economists studied the link between blog posts mentioning specific papers, to the amount of downloads of these papers. As to be expected, each time the papers were mentioned on a blog (such as Freakonomics, Marginal Revolution or Krugman), the amount of downloads peaked.

For example, when Freakonomics blogs about a paper:

So, evidently blog mentions have a positive impact on downloads. But more precisely, is it possible to measure the relationship between blog posts and downloads & abstract views?

The answer = yes.

By studying 94 papers that were linked to by 6 blogs, the study lead to the following results:

- blogging about a paper leads to a huge increase in downloads and abstract views in the same month the post was published (between 70 to 450, depending on the nature of the blogs readership).

- while the increase in downloads is massive, in % terms of the blogs readership, it is very small. The author suggests that just 1 - 2% of readers of the most popular blogs click through to see the paper - although with more specialised, research- focused blogs, this increases to around 4%.

Do you blog for business? Pleasure? Does it bring you the results you're looking for? Let us know in the comments.

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