Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Brilliantly Creative Job Applications

This post on creative job applications has been one of our most popular ever, so we've recently added part II, with more on the subject. Check it out.

In the past year, LinkedIn received about 85,000 job applications and Facebook around 250,000. With the job market becoming more and more competitive, candidates need to go that extra distance to get to the interview stage in the application process. This means, certainly in the creative or online industries, your standard 2 page CV in 12 point Times New Roman just won't cut it.

Here are some of the applications that have caught our attention - for all the right reasons! Reaching out to employers in innovative new ways, showcasing your experience, creating a buzz just like you would for a marketing campaign, these methods are exciting and inspiring.

Mathew Epstein (the guy with the moustache) is certainly keen on getting employed by Google. So much so he's created a digital marketing campaign, investing over $3,000. His website, cleverly designed to mirror Googles own, is filled with persuasive copy.... and many images of him in a James Bond Suit with a moustache.
He has now got a job... but is it with Google? All will be revealed on Friday, over on his blog.
"Armed only with a mustache and online marketing savvy, one man has set forth on an epic quest to land a job at Google. That man’s name is Matthew Epstein"

2. Innovative use of QR code
This custom QR code resume scored the author an internship at a Communications Agency. It consists of a QR code printed on the mouth of a face (on the back of the paper) - which a video from the candidate.... a speaking C.V, if you will!

3. Smart use of Google Adwords
This video is a little dated now - but the concept is so original it's still a great watch. Looking to catch the attention of creative directors at top ad agencies, Alec Brownstein created the "Google Job Experiment". Realising that top directors are probabley going to be Googling themselves, to find out what people are saying about them... an idea was born. He then bought ads pointing to his online CV- using the directors names as the keywords. The result? Many interviews and 2 job offers at top NYC agencies.

4. An e-commerce store selling....interviews?!
Mike Freeman, in his search for a job at Shopify, set up an e-commerce store as part of his cunning application. The product? An interview with himself - offering great free extras: "a firm handshake", "limited edition business card" and "Resume hard copies".  Praised as "the best resume it has ever received" by Shopify, yes, he got the job.

5. The "C.V.I.V"
That's Curriculam Vitae Interactive Video. Graeme Anthony ditched his paper CV and instead created this fun, interactive video. Described by Robin Grant from We Are Social as "possibly the best job application, ever", Graeme did indeed go on to find a perfect job!

Once you've found that perfect job at that great company, make sure you continue with online marketing that makes an impact. The team at Art Division can help with that.

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