Wednesday, 6 July 2011

SEO … as easy as ABC

… well, almost !

The world of SEO often seems very confusing – with constant updates and new details – that are easy to get bogged down with.

But it’s important to remember – SEO is based on some general, simple principles to help users find the exact content they’re looking for.

We love this great table from Search Engine Land which summarizes perfectly all the major SEO ranking factors.

(click on the image to see the large PDF version)

On the Page  factors are those that you can control directly. For example, the content (e.g. the text on the pages), the html (Title tags, Page Descriptions and Headers) and the architecture (e.g. how easily can the search engines crawl your site?)…

Off the Page are factors that you may influence, but can’t control entirely. These include inbound links (here quality is more important than quantity), social (your reputation on social networks), trust (the authority of the page) and personal (based on the individuals browsing history or search terms).

Violations are “spam” or “black hat” techniques that need to be avoided at all costs – as they are very likely to be penalised by Search Engines. For example, link stuffing or cloaking certain content from Search Engines.

Blocking can also be harmful for rankings – if users block your site from their results.

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