Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Top 5 Corporate Viral Videos

How do you make a noise about your company online? Get inspired by these great viral videos.

1 – Evian  (BETC Euro RSCG)

It's been 2 years since the famous Roller Babies - and Evian is now back, with a new campaign - still centered on youth.
Just as in the "flip-books" we loved as children, this "stop-motion" film has already gone viral - released worldwide just under a week ago.
The site is a great example of the power of social - you can upload your own clip of yourself dancing, for it to be added to the Evian video - with the aim of making "the longest music video ever" !

2 - T-Mobile (Saatchi & Saatchi)

Following their previous viral Flashmob success, this spoof dance video of the Royal Wedding  is great timing. WHat's more, it is to be released exclusively online.
Rather worrying reading the forums though - with some Americans believing it was indeed the real ceremony !

3 - Smart Water

This parody of the "typical viral video" contains pupppies, dancing babies, rainbows... all the much needed ingrediants of an online hit, apparently. Pretty funny, but will it be getting views in a few months time? We're not so sure...

4 - Innocent Lipdup

What can we say? Perhaps this video might not make you go out and buy a smoothie - but this is surely employer branding at its best. This fun, light-hearted video gives us an insight into the innocent culture.

5 - Sound of Music Flashmob

Of the many hundreds of Flashmobs on Youtube, this one, inside the Central Station Antwerp stands out. A promotion stunt for a Belgian television programme, involving apparently just 2 rehearsals for the 200 dancers involved.

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  1. Didn't somebody already do the T-Mobile dance to the altar thing? They even used Chris Brown's Forever I think.

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