Wednesday, 13 April 2011

How to Optimise your Facebook Updates

By Kathryn Richards

We all know that having a presence on Facebook alone isn’t enough. Indeed, the number of fans you have might not even count for much. It’s all about the interaction and buzz created !
Have you considered how often you pop up in your fans newsfeed (on their homepage)? If your status update doesn’t appear here, it’s unlikely your fans will see it, never mind click on it.

Rather like Google, the Facebook algorithm for generating the news feed is a well kept secret.

Here’s what Facebook have to say about it:
The News Feed algorithm bases this on a few factors: how many friends are commenting on a certain piece of content, who posted the content, and what type of content it is (e.g. photo, video, or status update).
So, what can you do to optimise your updates, to give them a better chance of popping up on your fans newsfeed?

As always in SEO, content is king !
Of course, afterwards, you need to aim for as many “likes” as possible, and to get some interaction going. Don’t forget that if a fan comments or clicks "like" on a post on your page, it will also appear on their profiles (and therefore potentially their friends’ news feeds too).

Here are our top 3 tips:

1/ If you’re uploading pics, it’s better to upload a select few photos, with comments rather than a million at once. 

2/ Ask a question, and when you get an answer, say thanks!

3/ Share great content elsewhere on the net but keep it personal - don’t hesitate to share your opinion. This is a great place to share your company values and give your fans a little insight into your business.

4/ Create an eye catching 'like' landing page and a 'welcome' page, which tells your followers more about your business.

Facebook App

Don't know where to start? We can help.
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