Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Colour Inspiration for Web Design

by Kathryn Richards

Colour has a big impact on our reaction to a website, and certainly on our first impression of a company. When choosing colours for a website, it's important web designers look beyond just the aesthetic appearance - but also to psychological, cultural and usability/ accessibility factors.

Thanks to Tech King for this cool Infographic on the Psychology of colour.

Infographic: The Psychology of Color

 Elsewhere, here are our top 5 Colour Inspiration Resources from around the web:

- The Color Wheel - lets you "spin the colour wheel", resulting in a selection of 3 random colours - also providing you with the code for each colour. With over 16 million colours available, if you keep going for long enough you'll get there eventually!

- Color Contrast Analyser - this is a great tool which allows you to check if your colour scheme (including the colours used for the texts) stand up to the W3 Accessibility Guidelines.

- 20 Colour Tips for Website Design - a very informative article over at Econsultancy with lots of helpful tips on choosing your colour scheme.

- COLOURlovers - an online community based on a love of colour - lots of blog articles, discussion groups - we especially love the 5 free online tools they have for colour inspiration

And lastly, our favourite online tool, is - Kuler - by Adobe - warning - it is highly addictive! A must for every webdesigner. An inspiring and easy-to-use tool to help you select and try out different colour schemes for your site design. You can get inspired by themes already created (with equally innovative names such as "Tropical Breakfast", "Shiny new shovel" and "Urban Greenery"), create your own theme from a base colour or an uploaded image, join the community and much more...

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  1. I shared this to my friend that works as a dental web design specialist. I hope this helps him in his job. I really liked the infographic and how it scaled from warm to neutral colors. The different sites and their color coding was also a bonus!


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