Thursday, 6 January 2011

Top 10 Viral Videos from 2010

by Kathryn Richards

So. It’s a new year, and back to work.

To brighten your day, here is a look back at some of our favourite web videos from 2010.

And don’t worry about all the time you’re wasting spending à we’ve even found you research that proves Watching Viral Videos Increases Productivity!

1. Social Media Revolution
Not yet convinced of the power of Social Media? Watch this video and you will be. 

2. NSFW. I shot a bear
A great example of a traditional product (Tippex) embracing new media.

3. Pixals by jean paul
Yes, you will HAVE to go and play Pacman/ Tetris / another suitably retro game directly after having watched this video.

4. The Money Tree
And if money grew on trees?... the result:

5 The Original Human Pac-Man Performance
Played by 111 human pixels, this 2 minute video took over 4 hours to film...

6. Alors on danse.
"The Making Of" video of the hit by Stromae "Alors on danse". Even if you don’t understand the French, it will still make you smile.

7. The Google Job Experiment
A creative (and successful!) way of getting a job.

8. The Girl Effect
The clock is ticking... See how a 12-year-old girl could be the solution the world needs right now.

9. Green Peace Kit-Kat Advert
This “Anti-Nestle” viral video took the headlines back in March. Warning: Don’t watch it before lunch !

10. Parisian Love
One of the many “Search Stories” by Google.

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