Wednesday, 12 January 2011

An Introduction to Online Typography

by Kathryn Richards

Words are pretty much everywhere. So are fonts.

In recent months, trends in web fonts have been taking the headlines in the online world, mainly thanks to the Web Open Font Format, but also the opportunities now available to integrate real fonts into design, mobile support, and font support in web apps...

What is Typography?
Typography is certainly a lot more than fonts - a real art form. We love this video, explaining the basics in a creative and original way:

Typography Inspiration

3 Great Typography Resources for Designers

Typechart lets you flip through, preview and compare web typography while retrieving the CSS.

Seen a great font on another website but just can’t figure out exactly what it is? “What the font!” can tell you. Simply upload an image, or enter the URL of the website, and this tool will spit out the font. 

Nice Web Type; quite simply, a haven of information on implementing web typography! Plenty of advice and info on the latest trends, as well as an impressive gallery of best practices.
Seen any other great examples of Typography around the net? Get in touch in the comments ;-)

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  1. Great article over at Mashable on this theme for further reading :


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