Thursday, 18 November 2010

Focus on : Search Engines

So. Why do I even need to be at the top of Google?

Some interesting statistics for you (thanks to Search Light Digital!) from a study involving nearly 37 million searches, highlighting the percentage of clicks each natural search result is likely to get.

1st place = 42% of natural search clicks
2nd place = 12%
3rd place = 8%
4th place = 6%
5th place = 5%

Top result on page #2 = 0.7 of total clicks

What does this mean?

It’s important to be at the top.

As seen from the statistics, if you're not in the top 3 results, you’re not going to get many click-thoughs. Do bear in mind though, that the search term can be specific e.g. geographically. For example, Art Division is in the top 3 results for “website design Wimbledon”, and even though we’re not in the top 3 for the key phrase “web design”, we still get lots of search engine traffic!

Search engine optimisation means optimising the content of your website, for the relevant keywords you wish to be found for in the search engines. Here it’s great to get the opinion of a professional – this can make all the difference in your search engine success – they’ll be able to give you individual advice on the appropriate keywords/ phrases you should be optimising your site for. Read more in our post about selecting keywords.

Consider how your result will be displayed.

Shocking statistic: almost 50% of searchers in the study did not click on any result at all! This really highlights not only the need to appear at the top of Google, but also need to consider how your result will be displayed.

Let’s have a quick look at how to optimise the appearance of your result.

1. The Title
- This needs to describe clearly and accurately your page and/or website.
- Keep the length to 70 characters
- Read more about page titles here
2. Text displayed
- Google more normally displays here your Meta Description
- So make sure it is interesting + relevant !
- Learn more in our post about optimising your Meta description

You need to monitor and improve your rankings

Being at the top of Google today doesn’t mean you’ll still be there tomorrow!
The best strategy? Update your site frequently with brilliant content. Not only will visitors want to come back, but they’ll also want to link to your site.

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