Wednesday, 24 November 2010

5 Inspiring Corporate Blogs

by Kathryn Richards

What makes an amazing company blog? Here are some examples of blogs that have caught my eye recently. Get inspired!

PatagoniaThe Cleanest Line
The Cleanest Line has a great mixture of content that is sure to catch the readers eye – not like some blogs with paragraph after paragraph of black text. Here we find an eye-catching mixture of images, video, plenty of cool outbound + inbound links. Not only this, but lots of fresh ideas and opinions, “guest posts”, interactivity and personal accounts. This blog is far from corporate – but at the same time, gives a good, personal impression of the company, and might just make you click through to their site.

innocentDaily Thoughts
Brilliant content, aimed at engaging and interacting with readers. Plenty of photos, thoughts and updates that really give you an insight into the innocent world. As we’ve mentioned before, innocents online presence is surely not only engaging and strengthening its already loyal “family” or fanbase, but also converting passive consumers into active brand ambassadors.

Fiskars Fiskateers
This blog is a great example of engagement. Not only with employees – who are clearly passionate about the products – but also readers. Handling and encouraging comments is key with blogs into turning readers into a community – which is brilliantly illustrated here. The content is also full of added value – full of tutorials, tips and ideas for craft products.

Kodak A Thousand Words
We like this blog as it focuses not on the product (the camera) but the stories created with it by consumers (the photos).
“A Thousand Words is a place for stories from the people of Kodak.”
It is very personal – for each post, the author’s name, position and photo is displayed – you can also click through to their bio. The huge range of bloggers involved suggests high employee engagement – and that they really are empowered in making the blog a success. The range of types of blog posts – updates, how-to guides, personal stories, “photo of the week” is also impressive.

UHandbag- Uhandblog
This is my favourite example, as it is a true small business success story – and I think blogging has been a huge part in this success. The blog is full of how-to guides, advice and updates on making handmade bags and purses, illustrated by plenty of photos, and free PDF instructions. Each post is followed by plenty of comments by happy consumers, or readers asking questions. The sidebars are also very well designed, linking not only to Facebook, Twitter etc, but also to the authors bio, the online shop, and a sign-up for the newsletter.

Which other blogs should be on this list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments !

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