Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The importance of keywords

This topic seems to come up all the time.

A website is being developed, lots of thought has gone into the design, plenty of cool features have been added to the website and you've got those all important links to your social media presence. That must have it covered then. Job done. Complete. Finished.

Not quite.

Keywords are vital if you want people landing on your site who are interested in the products/services/information you have on your website as Google and the other search engines will start to rank your webpages according to the relevancy of its content.

However, the importance of keywords isn't just restricted to getting to the top of Google (although this is still the no.1 reason why you should research your keywords). It's often overlooked but keywords also help with navigation (when used correctly in your Meta title or as anchor text on links).

That's great but they still have a wider significance.

As we move at great speed towards 'online optimisation' instead of just search engine optimisation (this incorporates everything that you're doing online) the need for accurate keywords is growing by the day. This is because Internet users are using so many different platforms from which to start their online journey.

From tagging a YouTube video to designing facebook ads - keywords are everywhere!

If you haven't already take a look at our optimising your keywords post and if you have any questions - ask!

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