Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Use your contacts and social media to recruit new staff

Many people start a job search with trepidation. How much will I end up paying? How much time will I have to spend dedicated to finding the right person? Will I be bombarded with CVs? The list goes on...

It's true that the recruitment industry is changing. More and more is being done online but this isn't necessarily improving the service that businesses experience.

When Art Division started looking for a new member of the team the usual routes led to an inordinate number of telephone calls and emails from recruitment consultants promising to have the next best candidate that you 'absolutely must meet'.

Not only is this intrusive and disrupting to the every day work the business is focused on but also massively ineffective. Not one of the recruitment consultants asked any questions about what Art Division were looking for, the type of person we would like to interview, the skills and experiences the candidates should have.

It was simply a case of matching job title with prospective job title.

But there is another way and it involves the social and the media elements online.

For a small initial outlay a job advert was posted on LinkedIn. Then, once live, LinkedIn allows you to forward that job spec to your LinkedIn contacts. We carefully selected the people that we thought would be best placed to help promote our search for a new staff member.

24 hours later and we received an email from a candidate. The trail, we found out later, led to one of our initial contacts sending out the job spec on our behalf to some of their contacts. An endorsement was given about the team at Art Division and was subsequently passed onto another round of contacts. It was at this point the job spec was passed to someone who was looking for just such a position. Bingo.

What are the benefits of this?

Well most of them are obvious. An almost instant result, a personal, word of mouth recommendation of a candidate that matched the job spec, good will towards towards the contacts that joined in on spreading the message - all done at very little cost.

This demonstrates that there are a number of ways small businesses can benefit from using social media and online platforms. The ability to share information instantaneously is making conversations much much easier between people who would never usually get to meet.

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