Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Expanding your website's landing pages should be a high priority - a CMS and keyword research will help

By Jon Paget

We're often asked the following question "Great - the website's finished and we've optimised our products and services pages, what's next?"

And it's a good question.

What we remind those asking the question is that you don't optimise a web page for the sake of it. You design and build a new website and then optimise the web pages for one very simple reason; you want more traffic to your web pages and by playing by the SEO rules you're hoping Google will help you achieve this.

So to answer the question we need to have the objective firmly in our mind.

Of course one of the first obvious answers is to create more optimised landing pages allowing you to expand on the number of keywords/phrases that you are likely to rank for. This naturally expands the size of the target market you're likely to appear in front of.

To back track a second, before any website copy is written keyword research is necessary. This should allow you to target your website copy and web page's meta data to a keyword or phrase that offers an opportunity to found by those searching in Google for whatever that phrase or keyword happens to be.

Whether you're starting off big or small (optimising dozens of pages to just a few) creating additional content (in the form of web pages) on an on-going basis is a great way of developing and expanding your website. When you invest in that keyword research add an additional 20% onto the number of keywords that you wish to be presented with. That way you can expand the number of web pages your site has without the need to return to the process of keyword research.

And remember, Google greatly favours new, fresh content over tired and repeated copy. Don't expand your website unless you're prepared to invest the time (or money) to do it properly otherwise it won't be just the search engines that stop liking your site.

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