Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Creating a following on twitter - everyone's allowed a bit of help

Much has been made of how to create a following on twitter. Keeping up to date with the latest tools, how to use them and what they do would be a full time job by itself - such is the speed of development of third party programs.

To make things a little easier here is a breakdown of some of the most commonly used programs and what they can offer:

1) Tweetdeck

This is one of the most common programs used for managing tweets and twitter followers. Integrate with LinkedIn and facebook profiles, manage followers into lists and much more.

2) CoTweet

Positions itself as the business level program for twitter users. Allows you to easily manage multiple users and accounts, the scheduling of future tweets and the ability to tag tweets you wish to follow up (at a later date).

3) Twitpic

By far the most popular site for uploading images to twitter.
4) Tweetmeme

This site displays the most popular links posted on twitter displaying an image (if available) the number of times a link has been retweeted, number of comments and author of the original tweet.
5) Tweet Adder

A desktop application that helps you grow your list of followers - and fast! Some of the site's functionality includes the ability to schedule tweets (which is ideal for businesses that use twitter to promote short run deals and offers), keyword searches, MP3 file sharing and much more. 
There are of course dozens (if not hundreds) of programs and websites that offer services for twitter. These are just a select few. Have one you would like to share? Tell us and leave a comment.

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