Monday, 10 May 2010

iPad pricing and 3G options - review

By Jon Paget

So today's the day Apple lovers and techies in the UK have been waiting for. It's the launch of Apple's iPad price plans and 3G offerings (via Orange).

For the rest of us this day marks something slightly different; the cost of increased convenience and improved (?) internet browsing and user experience.

The answer is £25 per month for 10Gb of internet usage.

The first thing to note is that this isn't a review of the iPad - I'm not arguing for or against it as a product, more the need that the product satisfies.

So to the important bit:

Prices for the iPad range from £429-£699 although you'll need to spend at least £529 for a model with 3G compatibility (and surely having the more mobile of the two options is one of the main attractions of the tablet concept?)

So the question facing us as consumers is how much we want the convenience and usability that the iPad offers.

Are you prepared to spend £529 on one and then spend £25 a month with Orange for Internet on the go? All of which comes on top of most people's monthly mobile phone bill and with most reviews concluding that it won't replace your laptop - for now at least.

User reviews from America rave about the product. But the question I'm asking is whether the mass market see's the need as great enough to warrant the costs.

Time will tell...

Want one? Think it's too expensive? Let me know your thoughts.

Read more about Apple's iPad prices in Marketing Week's article.

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