Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Why The Industry Isn't Helping! (With Integrating On and Offline Marketing)

By Jon Paget

Remember when the world seemed a simpler place? Friends still met up in person, colleagues still spoke to each other and integrating a firm's marketing strategy was also, well, easier.

This was because one agency could provide all your marketing needs. Today it's a very different picture with agencies very much split between those working online (digital marketing) and those working offline (traditional marketing).

So now many SMEs are left facing what they believe to be a choice between the two. Do we go digital or do we stay with print?

Of course, as suggested by last week's post on Integrating Marketing Strategy a combination of the two will often deliver the best results. However it's easy to see why SMEs (and even the biggest of firms) arrive at this conclusion.

In my experience traditional marketers are busy playing catch-up (in terms of the possibilities of going online) whilst many digital marketers are convinced traditional marketing techniques are dead.

Of course those looking for marketing services are also facing the problem that an agency isn't going to start recommending a marketing service (whether digital or otherwise) that they don't offer themselves.

And so we end up in a situation where SMEs are not only receiving a myopic view regarding their marketing but can also never hope to achieve a truly integrated marketing strategy.

The Fix?

Just like any major decision, when considering a company's marketing strategy, more than one set of creative heads should come together.

There are more than just a few marketers who have forgotten the crucial purpose of marketing...

It's all about the customer.

Don't be afraid to comment - would be great to hear your thoughts.

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