Monday, 29 March 2010

Re: Why I don’t get SEO

By Jon Paget

I was recently sent a blog post by a client of ours that wanted my feedback.

On reading this post I realised this echoed a number of blog posts I’ve read recently. It also raises some concerns expressed by our clients.

But before I give you my opinion on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and its value to any potential business with a website, why not read the post I’m referring to, ‘Why I don’t get SEO’ (by Paul Boag)?

So, now that you’ve read the post, here’s my take on things.

First of all, it’s important to note that Paul’s blog doesn’t doubt that SEO can have an impact, only that it’s not worth the investment.

As for my reply, I started with a breakdown of every point I felt was misinformed (e.g. pay-per-click advertising offers guaranteed results – which it clearly doesn’t or that SEO often leads to excessive copy, creates viewing problems or messes up the navigation – all possible but not good practice! ), however I quickly realised this wasn’t the best approach.

No SEO consultant/professional worth working with would suggest that an entire companies marketing budget is spent on SEO; real value is delivered to companies who have a complete inbound marketing strategy which includes SEO.

As many have commented on, content is king. If you have valuable content that others find interesting/informative, you’ll see your SEO improve organically (via others linking to your content).

SEO is not rocket science but there is a process to follow and manage.

There is a whole number of factors to consider when sites grow such as: new website pages, new keywords, optimising new/existing channels for content, content changes, competitors reacting or changing their activities…the list goes on.

It doesn’t just revolve around H1 tags and metadata.

Put another way, I would liken optimising a website to that of building a house.

Many people, myself included, could manage to build a brick wall. Many of us would also agree that there are a lot of cowboys in the building trade. However, neither of these factors (or indeed the amount of free do-it-yourself content available online) would result in the majority of us building our own homes.

I for one don’t have the time, inclination, skills or knowledge.

Instead I would seek out a building firm who knew what they were doing – I believe the same to be true for SEO. A key aspect of that would be finding a company who could create exceptional content.

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