Friday, 19 March 2010

Bringing your brand back from the brink | In-Depth Analysis | Marketing Week

By Jon Paget

I've just found this article on Marketing Week which provides some great example case studies for how-to and how not-to when using social media for business. The in-depth article 'Bringing your brand back from the brink' focusing on the ability to respond quickly to your target market and customers, particularly in times of crisis.

Some of the very top brand names identified here, not to mention the top agencies, just go to show that despite the explosion of social media over the last 18 months, there are still many businesses without a proper understanding of how it can truly add value to a business' marketing mix.

I agree with what the report identifies regarding a lack of understanding when it comes to allocating time for research and strategy. However, I wouldn't go along with everything the report says. For instance:

"While many companies are using networks such as Twitter and Facebook for marketing purposes, many are forgetting that they are real-time tools, vital in times of managing a crisis."

Forgetting they're a real time tool? How can a business simply forget?! Ultimately these tools are centred on real time collaboration and communication and it's the principal reason they're popular. The fact that social media is not being used correctly suggests a lack of understanding, training and education - nothing else.

Anyway, take a look at the report and let me know what you think - Brining your brand back from the brink

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