Wednesday, 17 February 2010

2010 is the year of…user generated content

By Jon Paget

For the past couple of months I’ve heard and read a lot about what 2010 will bring us. Some say it’ll be the year mobile technologies truly take off, others state the same about cloud computing. B2B Social Media and improved SM monitoring has also been mentioned…

…And there are some interesting products being developed.

However, whilst I believe it’s likely that all of these technologies will develop and we’ll see them introduced on a greater scale, I believe this will follow traditional rates of adoption (which, for the Internet, is still incredibly quick). It goes without saying then that I don’t think this year will be a defining year for any one technology or platform.

But, user generated content is posing some really interesting questions.

For me the questions to be asked over the next year or so will revolve around content, how we’ll manage ever increasing amounts of information and, most crucially, how we and the search engines will be able to find good quality, value adding and reliable user generated content - in real time.

Next week’s post – Is Google stumped? The user generated content headache…

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