Monday, 30 November 2009

Shock! Web agency reveals - you can spend too much on a website!

I’ve heard a couple of people say recently “I can’t believe I spent all this money on a website and I’m not getting any sales. In fact I’m not getting any traffic.”

Now my blog title might seem a little strange coming from a web design agency – however it’s absolutely true. You might have a budget of £3k or £33k. It doesn’t matter. If you spend the whole lot on a website you’ve spent too much.

There are some websites (and these fall into the <1%>

It is visibility in the search engines and in/on various platforms online (such as social media platforms, blogs, forums etc) that ensure your site actually gets linked to/clicked on/visited.

I advise prospective clients who want a new website to think of a web project as exactly that; an on-going project. Not a one off cost.

It doesn’t mean you have to spend more money!

The options available are growing with every week that passes. Search engine optimisation seems to become more complex and online marketing appears to have more and more ‘must use’ tools.

The crucial thing is to understand that as soon as a website is built it requires on-going management to ensure people know/hear about your site.

Whether it’s SEO or online marketing will depend on a whole host of factors, starting of course with what it is you have to offer via your website and any subsequent aims you have for it.

What happens if I don’t do this?

Simply put you’ll probably spend more in the long run. Even if you don’t, your initial investment is almost certain to be a waste.

After all, you can have the best website out there but, if no one knows about you/where to find you (and you’re not found in the search engines), you’ll join the large group of people/businesses with overlooked sites… and that’s not a good group to be part of.

There are simply too many websites out there for the right people to find you by chance!

Think: Annual Internet Budget = Website + SEO + Online Marketing.

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